THE SKINNY SUMMARY Rhiann suen is a professional photographer providing event photography in California, USA and Hong Kong. She is currently living in Southern California in the Los Angeles County area.

Suen’s experiences include photographing weddings, anniversaries, private parties, fashion wear, celebrity non-profit events, and politician’s community outreach events. Suen’s expertise includes photographing people and events in a candid, active, and emotional setting.

PERSONAL BACKGROUND STORY Suen was born and raised in Hong Kong where she explored her creativity with arts & craft, drawing, photography, and dance. She practiced 4 years in the dance studio, competed with dance teams from other countries, and performed as a backup dancer for various artists and events including the 2008 Olympics. At an early age, she did extensive travel to many countries where she experienced different culture, people, and cuisines. She is currently living in and attending art school in Southern California to advance her knowledge and network in the broad field of art and photography.

PHOTOGRAPHY BACKGROUND STORY At an early age, Suen had access to different film cameras that she took with her to every country that she travelled to. It was a fun hobby of hers until she learned how to develop black and white photos in a dark room. The details, process, and feedback sparked a serious passion and focus into photography. She adopted digital cameras, spent hundreds of hours self learning, became very fluent with photo editing softwares, reached out to other photographers, and constantly learn, improve, and deliver her craft.

WHAT SETS SUEN APART Suen has a very optimistic, energetic, and down to earth personality which complements the type of photography she does. She learns fast and has a great memory, helping her multitask and quickly adjust to just about any situations. Her knowledge learned from black and white film photography gives her the capability to adjust the lighting, colors, and contrast to the photo shoot right on the spot very fast. She’s easy to work with, reliable, professional, and listen well to the type of photos clients are after.
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